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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pathfinder With Kids

It's been a while on the blog front. Truth be told theres been pretty much nil on the game table in the past many months. Looking to change that situation I decided to start a table top rpg club with my kids and some of their friends.

I agonized for some time about how to go about doing this. In the end I bought the Pathfinder Beginner Box. I have to say that this is a solid product to start beginners off with. The production values are Paizo's typical high standards, and theres enough material plus web extras to provide a solid base before moving on to the core book.

This past afternoon was the big day and while I feel like everyone had fun, I was a victim of my own success.I had two other inexperienced dads helping me out. Along with nine kids ranging from 7 to 10 years old! That was just too many people. I also once again made the mistake of starting off making characters. I should have gone the pregen route. Now that characters are made the next session in two weeks should go better.

After character creation we had a rumble in the town square of Sandpoint with a band of goblins who decided to crash the annual festival. Everyone had fun bringing the smack down on the goblins. It was during actual play that everyone started to gel with what roleplaying was all about. Or at least the possibilities of adventures to come. It's occurred to me that roleplaying is kinda like the Matrix. No one can tell you what it is, you need to experience it for yourself. As for the future of the game I've been giving some serious thought to maybe breaking the group up into two groups that alternate every week. But I guess I'll see how many kids decide to show up at the next session.

Till then Im just happy to be rolling the dice again, and introducing a new generation to our amazing hobby.