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The Temple of Elemental Evil Campaign

This is a re-imagining of the Greyhawk Campaign Setting. Much like how comics and movies reboot and re-imagine various franchises this is my personal take on how I might go about running my own Greyhawk Campaign with a focus on the Temple of Elemental Evil, Against the Giants, and the Descent into the Underdark Modules. In addtion I'll throw in bits and pieces of other tidbits I find interesting.    

The Village of Hommlet
The campaign begins in the village of Hommlet. Characters maybe from all over the world but fate has drawn them to this place of mystery and adventure. 

Key to the Village
The following locations are numbered based on how they appear on the map of the village of Hommlet as found in the module T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil

3. The Woodcutter'sCottage
4. Widow Finnch's Farm
31. Worker's Camp

Hommlet NPC 5e Stats


The Moathouse

Notes on the Moathouse Dungeon

The Temple of Elemental Evil

Notes on the Temple


The hive of scum and villainy 


A town in name only


It's not on the map!?


A cross roads of intrigue 

Adventures in the Viscounty

Environs of adventure


Earth Temple
Fire Temple
Air Temple
Water Temple
Gnarly Wood Druid Circle

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  1. Keep going on this please. I too am hoping for the great Greyhawk campaign in my life and this helps me immensely!