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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dice Against Tyranny

Dragons, why did it have to be dragons!
It seems like my gaming drought has finally come to an end. Not only have I been playing a butt load of Magic, I now have a new D&D group! So far we are three sessions deep in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. The group meets at my FLGS every two weeks. Thus far the table has fluctuated with the number of players and we’ve had anywhere from 3-5 players plus myself as the DM.

It was interesting how the group got started. Over the Christmas break one of the players sent out a message on the 3 Dragon’s (my game store) roleplaying Facebook page. He had bought the 5e D&D starter box and was looking for someone to run a game. I’ve been wanting to run a game for a while now and I had been hashing out ideas to do some sort of open table at the store so I jumped at the chance. Shortly after that another player threw in his hat and between us we recruited a few friends.

I struggled with what I should run. One of my friends who was joining us was also playing in two other 5e campaigns including Ravenloft and Princes of the Apocalypse, both of which were strong contenders for me to run. Finally, I settled on Tyranny of Dragons for one of the reasons it gets slammed in reviews, it’s railroad play. I felt that for new players less choice was a better starting point to learn the game. This would provide a better foundation to learn the rules and not feel overwhelmed or confused as to what to do. As it turns out the campaign has been a blast so far! The player’s have really played their characters well and despite the basic nature of the campaign it has been very exciting. The lesson I’ve taken away is that the investment by everyone at the table is what makes or breaks a campaign.

I may write up the session journals but I haven’t decided on that yet. I have neglected this blog for sometime now and I would really like to getting back to updating it again on a regular basis now that I have actual gaming to write about. I’m not a huge fan of game theory and would really rather write about actual play experiences. It has been a very exciting time for me and you haven’t heard the last from me by a long shot!

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