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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Stars Are Right! Cthulhu Save Us All!-Part 2

Heres the goofy outline I made for this Cthulhu vs, Godzilla adventure. This is a continuation from my idea in Part 1

Part One: Retrieve The Necronomicon
The first phase of the mission is to recover a copy of the Necronomicon. Unfortunately, every time one of Hoover’s researchers tried to study the Book they went mad. Keeping a copy locked up was too dangerous and tended to be a trouble magnet, proving more a liability than it was worth. So he long ago implemented a policy to destroy every copy of the book that his people manage to recover. Hoover and the FBI have kept tabs on all sorts of strange Mythos activity since the Raid on Innsmouth. Thus Hoover provides the group with three choices in which they could conceivably recover a copy for the mission at hand.

Miskatonic University-The restricted book collection has one, but it’s recently been stolen. If they group wants to track down this copy they will have to follow clues that lead to Dunwich. Here a descendant of Wilbur Whateley is using it to do research. Inbred hillbillies, ala "The Hills Have Eyes" are the least of the PC’s concerns as a new Son of Yog-Sothoth is discovered to exisit.

The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight-A new chapter of this venerable gentleman’s club has opened in Boston. Boston’s social elite rub shoulders here while a warren of ghouls dines on their charnel feasts in festering tunnels below. The Cults copy of the book is located below this labyrinth of tunnels in a subterranean temple complex. If the Cult leader suspects that the book is in danger he flee with it into the Dreamlands with it.

Kingsport Cult- Before the Congregational Hospital on Kingport’s Central Hill could be built the old Congregational Church had to be torn down. The true reasons for tearing the church down were never made public except to say that is was a public safety hazard. The truth of the matter is that a foul cult that worshipped a strange pillar of green fire known as Tulzscha. Few people in the sleepy port town realize that the cult is still alive and well, preying on the innocent and helpless patients in the hospital above. Byakhee, undead, and cultists as well as their horrible master all stand in the PC’s way if they wish to recover the book from this awful place.

Regardless of which place they get the book from, the PC’s drag these cultists into the fray with them. These foul and degenerate souls will dog the PC’s every move seeking the glory and reward of being the ones to aid Great Cthulhu in his return to the world. It’s possible that they might need to hit two, or all three of these places in order to successfully get the book.

Part Two: Escape From Arkham Asylum
Just having the Necronomicon is not enough. While it has the required ritual in it to release Cthulhu from his Temple Prison, its not like just reading and following a recipe from a cook book. This knowledge was compiled by deranged wizards over hundreds of years after all. Yet all is not lost. One of Hoover’s last and finest occult researchers is more than capable of performing the required ritual. There are just two problems that stand in the PC’s way. The first is that this researcher is insane and locked up in Arkham Asylum. The second is that when the PC’s get inside and to the Doctor, a riot in the Asylum breaks out. The place becomes a true mad house! The PC’s must find a way to escape the Asylum with their charge all the while having to deal with insane inmates. Some encounters are comedic and some dangerous and deadly serious. To make matters worse they find themselves locked in with the members of the Cult(s) that they stole the Book from!

Optional: Recover the Relics
If you wanted to flesh it out more you could have the Investigators require a variety of rare and obscure knick-knacks that are required to complete the ritual. In the interest of keeping things moving you might only want three or four of these maguffins, after all Godzilla is on his way! If you do this make sure that the Cult(s) that they tried to steal the Necronomicon from in Part One will be a consistent and reoccurring thorn in the groups side. It might even be fun to have various groups be turned on each other by ingenuous and clever play on the PC’s part.

Part Three: Race to R’lyeh
Necronomicon? Check.
Insane Occult Researcher? Check.
Now all that’s left is for the Investigators to get their asses to the haunted Island near sunken R’lyeh and dreaming Cthuhu, say the words and perform the Ritual. Easier said then done. The journey is a whirlwind race between the PC’s and the Cult(s) that seeks Cthulhu’s favor. Of course Godzilla is almost State side.

When the PC’s finally reach the Island, Hoover, who mysteriously already arrived there first, greets them, and thanks them for a job well done. Then Hoover transforms before their eyes to reveal that all this time they were working for just one more mask of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos himself.

Before the PC's can deal with Nyarlathotep there cultist enemies arrive on the scene! A last ditch, no holds barred, knock down and drag out fight occurs between the Investigators and whichever cult happens to be their nemesis. All the while Nyarlathotep protects and over sees the insane occult researcher as he performs the ritual that raises R’lyeh and releases Cthulhu.

With Cthulhu free a battle of the Titans goes down. At first it seems like Godzilla will prove the victor. But then in a stunning recovery the likes of which will only ever be on seen pay-per-view during a 1980’s professional wrestling match Cthulhu makes a come back and wins the day. In the aftermath of this cosmic struggle Cthulhu sinks ominously below the blood and froth tinged waves. Leaving the group alone on the beach to wonder if we have seen the last of this horror from beyond the stars, and the sinking feeling in their stomachs of "Oh God what have we done!" 


  1. Very cool. You packed a lot of good stuff into this.

  2. Thanks Trey. It was more just for the fun of it. But I could see stealing pieces here and there for an actual CoC game. Still there is a temptation on my part to run this for shits and giggles.