One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.” -Hunter S. Thompson

Monday, April 2, 2012

Horrors of the Underhive-Part 1

The Underhive is the habitat for a plethora of unique monstrosities. Below are just a sample of creatures that stalk the nightmarish labyrinth of forgotten tunnels below the Mega-City of Prospero.
Sarthogg (Frog-Man)
Sarthogg’s are hulking, hunch backed hybrids of frog and man. From whence they came no one has yet to ascertain, but they seem to congregate in large numbers in and around the forsaken community known as Crippletown. These creatures have tentacle like tongues that can spring forth from their mouths at a range up to 10-feet. Sarthogg’s use this sticky tongue to grapple and reel in a target. It also injects both a numbing poison, and tiny symbiotic like spores into the victims skin. The numbing effect eventually wears off but can slow down an escape attempt, or make an arm useless in wielding a weapon depending on where the tongue has grabbed the victim. The spores if left untreated will eventually cause the victim to undergo a vile and sanity crushing transformation into a new Sarthogg. These foul creatures speak their own croaking language, and when not eating or mindlessly destroying things scrawl on the walls strange eldritch signs and words. While brutish, these creatures are very cunning and will often lay ambushes or traps if they find themselves consistently under attack from outsiders.

Giant Lantern Spider
Lantern Spiders can range in size from a small cat to the size of a large truck. These spiders look like large versions of Tarantula’s with mottled gray and black stripes. These spiders can spin webs and often do though they cunningly use these thick sticky webs to funnel pray directly into their killing ground. Once their potential prey has made it this far the Lantern spider will open and shut it’s eight glowing eyes in a soothing pattern that will effectively hypnotizing the victim. Once hypnotized other Lantern Spiders in the pack will leap out of hiding and attack. They will try to subdue their victims will a paralytic poison, and then wrap them up in webbing and dragged into their larder in their lair for devouring in the neat future. Some times those unfortunate enough to be captured are used as the living incubators for the Lantern spiders females eggs. Upon the hatching of the eggs, which have been implanted under the skin of the victim, and which is quite painful, the newly hatched young swarm and eat their unwilling host.

The Grinning Man (Mothman)
Reports of this enigmatic creature are rare, but when they do surface the sightings tend to be located in the General vicinity of Hell’s Attic. This lead some to speculate that they lair in the nearby area. Other rumors circulate that the Grinning Man or the Mothman is in fact some sort of guardian, like a gargoyle from ancient myth. Descriptions of the creature tend to differ from person to person though there are a few details that consistently reoccur in the recounting of those that genuinely have claimed to have seen this creature, or creatures. The Grinning Man is a roughly as tall as a man, very thin, bald, has glowing red eyes, and the eponymous wide toothy white and ever present grin. It has also been reported that it has moth or butterfly like wings, with a span of 10-feet.

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