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Monday, October 14, 2013

Seeking Tranquility

I've wanted to run an Eberron campaign ever since it was first released so many years ago. The problem was I couldn't think of a way of doing the setting justice. It was obvious that this wasn't just another D&D world like so many others. Eberron had a tone to it that wasn't typical of the pseudo medieval Europe or the swords and sorcery feel of Conan. I was excited by the fresh take on fantasy it offered but daunted by what I was supposed to do with it. Today I think I have a much better idea of how I would run a campaign set here. Perhaps if 5e proves interesting I'll run it one day with that system, if not theres the possibility of Savage Worlds. Anyway below is a possible campaign model that mashes Eberron and Firefly that gets my gaming engine in high gear.



An Eberron Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Pulp action and adventure

Role of the Heroes
Your characters are all natives of the kingdom of Cyre. Once you fought for your nation and the man beside you during the Last War. Two years ago, on what is known as the Day of Mourning, the still mysterious event that destroyed Cyre in one horrible day signalled the end of a century of war and transformed the once proud kingdom into a dangerous nightmare land known as the Mournlands. Homeless and country less, you and your closest comrades became something more than just brothers in arms, you became family. Today you and your adopted family crew the “Tranquility”, a old Fire Sprite class of cargo airship. The Tranquility represents freedom. Freedom to choose your own path. Freedom from the horrors of the Last War. A chance to do some good. While she is constantly in need of maintenance, you and your crew mates do whatever it takes to keep flying the in the skies of Eberron.   

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