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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 I'm making you my Bitch

Aint that the truth.
2014 is coming to an end. I started this blog in 2011. I haven't been as diligent at posting as would have liked but hey thats life and gaming took a hit with all the other stuff going on in my life over the years.

Since that time I've been laid off, learned a language, finished high school, got a new job, and am now preparing for my second semester of college.

Theres been almost no roleplaying going on these days which blows goats. However I've been playing Magic a lot and even winning a few local draft tournaments. Plus a bunch of us have embarked on learning Warhammer Fantasy miniatures. ORCZ FOR DA WIN!

A new gaming store has opened in my town and its amazing. The staff and people who hang out and play are all great people and it promises to be a great new year for gaming. I just wanted to thank those that stop in and read my blog from time to time. I will make an effort to put up new material and finally update some of my blog projects.

Happy New year to you all!

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