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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hommlet: Inn of the Welcome Wench

The following is an entry in my series on Ultimate Greyhawk. Much like how comics and movies will reboot a franchise with a new take on an old concept, this is my personal re-imagining of the Greyhawk Campaign Setting beginning with the venerable town of Hommlet.

Key to the Village

The following locations are numbered based on how they appear on the map of the village of Hommlet as found in the module T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil

7. Inn of the Welcome Wench
The social heart of Hommlet. Virtually the entire town circulates through the Inn at some point during the day and night. This is the perfect location for adventurers to gather rumours and information on everything ranging from town gossip to potential missions in and around town.

The Inn is a family business owned and operated by Ostler Gundigoot who is also the sergeant of the towns militia, his wife Vendra, and their two daughters, Pharis and Laderna. 

The Inn houses and employs two full time serving wenches, Kassie and Kitten, the mischievous pot boys, Stoop and Luthas as well as a stable boy, Kristoph and horse groomer named Remy.

Guests at the Inn
There are a number of unique guests that can be found at the inn at various times throughout the day. Roll on the following table to see which of the following unique guests (if any) happen to be at the inn at the time the PCs are visiting.

Roll 1d8
1. None of them are currently present at the Inn.
2. Zio Tazaar the Bard
3. Clovis Tel Priest of Wastri
4. Zert, Fighter and spy for the Viscount
5. Spugnoir, Evoker and spy for Mordenkainen
6. Furnok of Ferd, Thief on the run from Verbobonc
7. Kobort & Turuko
8. All of them are currently present at the Inn

Zio Tazaar: Something of a fixture at the Inn, Zio is a bard who pays for his stay with his performances. He sleeps in the common room (room 15).  He can act as a source of information on ancient legends and gossip from as far away as the city of Greyhawk and beyond. He is a member of a secret order of bards that act as spies all over the Flanaess. Zio can become a patron and teacher to any bards in the party.

Clovis Tel: Is a Priest of Wastri. He posses as a sage from Dyvers learning about the local history and exploring the area. He acts as a spy in town for the Cult of Wastri and Twilight Druid Circle working out of the Moathouse. The Cult has been working together with the druids to create a toxic transmogrification gas that when released on the unsuspecting villagers will transform them into frog-men and servants of the hopping Prophet. He will offer to join the party if they decide to investigate the Moat House he will then lead them into an ambush. 
Zert: Staying in room 6, Zert is a fighter working as a spy for the Viscount. He reports all activity in the area directly to the Viscount. The Viscount dose not trust Burne and wants to make sure his best interests are being taken care of in the village. In particular Zert will want to join and spy on adventuring  parties whom he sees as a wild card and possible threat to the Viscounty. 

Spugnoir: This Wizard and evoker is staying in room 10. He is currently searching for a set of ruins in the Gnarley Forest that contains an accent wizards library full of of ancient tomes full of knowledge and magic for a sage in Verbobonc. While this story is indeed true he is also an agent of Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight. The events of the past have prompted Mordenkainen to be ever vigilant of a possible return of the Temple. Mordenkainen will not get directly involved but will use Spugnoir to manipulate the PCs into working as his pawns. 

Furnok of Ferd: Staying in room 13 is Furnok a silver tongued con-man and thief. He covets magic items especially and because of this he is on the run from a wizard in the city of Verbobonc. He will try to involve the party in this problem and hire them to kill the wizard spinning any kind of tale that he believes will best motivate the party to act against this personal threat. Furnok is also wanted by the thieves guild in Verbobonc. It's only at matter of time till they track him down in Hommlet thanks to Nira Melubb the Money Changer (Area 15) who is an agent of the Verbobonc's Thieves Guild. Furnok has the potential to become a major pain in the ass for any party. 
Kobort & Turuko: This duo is staying in room 14. Kobort is a fighter and agent of Iuz. Turuko is a monk and member of the Scarlet Brotherhood. The two are working in concert acting as liaisons between the Brotherhood and Iuz. They're currently searching for the missing Prince Thrommel who escaped from the Temple a few months ago to no avail.  So far they have not realized that the lowly servant working on the Anders Farm (Area 5) is actually the Prince. It is however only a matter of time till they do...  

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