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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tyranny of Dragons: Actual Play (Sessions 9 - 10)

I’m still trying to get all caught up on my session reports for the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

Session 9: Dog Fighting

The party take a month in the city of Waterdeep to explore and equip and plan their next moves.
 Godric seeks an audience with Lady Silverhand the Open Lord of Waterdeep to express his concerns about Lord Nighthill in Greenst who he believes is up to no good. Brioche and Raven both wanted some spider-silk armour made and discovered an artisan named Kade willing to do the job for free if they could recover money owed to him from a wizard named Shalara who he had made some fashionable garments for. Meanwhile Skaar wanted to learn some blacksmithing and apprenticed himself to a blacksmith named Dorn. Dorn explained to Skaar that his son Stam was kidnapped by a slaver named Travok and hoped that he could help get him back. The party learned that Travok and Shalara often worked together and that they could often be found in an abandoned building in Dock Ward where Travok ran a dog fighting club. The group infiltrated the club and Godric learned that Travok knew where to find his sister who had disappeared before his return to Greenst. Before more information could be gathered a massive fight broke out in the club when it was discovered that Travok had been fixing the fights with the help of illusions from Shalara. Travok and Shalara esacaped the place but before leaving told Godric that he would meet him at one of his warehouses the next night.

Session 10: Serpents & Slavers

This guy went down like a chump. Sad DM face :(
The next night the heroes headed out to the warehouse. On the way they were attacked by a band of gargoyles who they handily fought off with the aid of a warrior monk who happened to be on the street at the time. The monk joined the party claiming he was looking for a challenge to test his martial prowess. At the warehouse something seemed out of place and the party proceeded with caution. The warehouse was trapped and inside the air was warm and humid with a strange pungent odour. As they explored deeper inside they discovered a nest of three blue dragon eggs. They finally found Lennithon’s eggs! The eggs were being guarded by a serpent-man who warned the party to leave or suffer the consequences. The party was determined to not leave and they fought against the snake man who used powerful magic casing half the party to run away in fear. Regardless, the party defeated the guardian and moved up a set of stairs. On the second story of the warehouse the heroes encountered a veiled woman sitting in a throne next to a massive wooden lever. Before them were four men and women with nooses made of thin chain around their necks and standing on an obvious trap door in the floor. One of them was Stam, the blacksmith’s son! After much discussion it was determined that Travok had double crossed both her and the party. The veiled lady (who they think is probably a medusa) made a deal with the party that if they would kill Travok then she would release Stam and give them one of the dragon eggs. The party reasoned that once they told Lennithon where to find the rest they wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore and they could get Stam back to his father. The hunt for Travok is on!

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