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Friday, August 1, 2014

Hommlet: The Woodcutter's Cottage

The following is an entry in my series on Ultimate Greyhawk. Much like how comics and movies will reboot a franchise with a new take on an old concept, this is my personal re-imagining of the Greyhawk Campaign Setting beginning with the venerable town of Hommlet.

Bison the Butcher-Art by Slaine69
Key to the Village
The following locations are numbered based on how they appear on the map of the village of Hommlet as found in the module T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil.

3. The Woodcutter's Cottage

Bison, a solitary woodcutter lives in this small cottage. He is a follower of the Old Faith and good friends with Jaroo the Druid, as well as a member of the the local militia. Bison, like his name sake is a shaggy haired, hulk of a man that wields his woodman’s axe with ease and great skill. He is also a man with a dark secret. Hidden in the false bottom of a trunk in his home and wrapped in oil cloth is a magical battle axe. The axe has a demon bound within it that continually whispers murderous thoughts in Bison's mind by day and torments him with horrible visions in his dreams. The axe was once Bison's fathers and it drove him into madness and a series brutal serial killings before he was finally discovered and killed. Bison fears the axe and that he may be heading down that same path as his father.

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