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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Encounters in the Underhive-Part 3

This is Part 3 of a 3 Part series on 100 Random encounters that coud occur in Prospero's Underhive. Here's Part 1 and Part 2

Sub-Table 8: Smells
  1. Rotten Garbage
  2. Decomposing Corpse
  3. Fire Smoke
  4. Fresh Cool Air
  5. Sulphurous Hot Air
  6. Acrid Burnt Fumes
  7. Fresh Excrement
  8. Burning Hair
  9. Cooking Meat
  10. Raw Sewage
Sub-Table 9: Artificial Intelligence
  1. Hive Worker Droids
  2. Hive Scout Drones
  3. Hive Solider Combat Droids
  4. Spy/Assassin Cyborg (Terminator)
  5. Hive Droid Exploration Outpost
  6. Hive Droid Manufacturing Station
  7. Hive Meat Slaves (Humans enslaved via implants)
  8. Hive Droid Homebase
  9. Hive Symbiont Bug Droids
  10. Hive Droid Laboratory
Sub-Table 10: Weird/Supernatural
  1. Cultists performing a Sacrifice
  2. Hidden Cult Temple
  3. A Brass Puzzle Box
  4. Distant Weeping Female Voice
  5. Some Creep Dressed as a Clown
  6. Cannibal Abattoir
  7. Yuggothian Minning Operation
  8. Yuggothian Brain-Mecha
  9. Feeling/Sounds as if your being stalked
  10. Feeling as if your being watched

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