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Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Encounters in the Underhive-Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series of 100 random encounters that could occur in Prospero's Underhive. Part 1 can be found Here.
Sub-Table 5: Creatures
  1. Sarthogg (Frog-Man)
  2. Giant Lantern Spider
  3. The Grinning Man (Mothman)
  4. Judas Mantis
  5. Hellwasp
  6. Conduit Naga
  7. Shrapnel Rat
  8. Tommyknocker
  9. Witch Hound
  10. Plague Zombie
Sub-Table 6: Sounds
  1. Crash of falling debris
  2. Clash of combat
  3. False call for help
  4. Genuine call for help
  5. Splashing/Dripping liquid
  6. Clanking/Whirring machinery
  7. Door Banging open/close
  8. Large Explosion
  9. Hiss of Gas/Steam
  10. Hum of Oscillating fan
Sub-Table 7: Items/Finds
  1. Modern/Primitive Weapon
  2. Broken Tech (GPS, data pad, com-link)
  3. Drug Paraphernalia
  4. Clothing (Even male, odds female)
  5. Bag (1-7 Empty, 8-9 roll again, 10 roll twice)
  6. Bones/Corpse
  7. Food/Water
  8. Light Source (Flares, Candles, Lamp)
  9. Ammunition/Power cell (batteries)
  10. Lost and Important Plot Maguffin


  1. Very cool. I dig the "Shrapnel Rat". Sounds and smells and such are easy to forget to describe so I like having a couple done up on a table, so I like this stuff.

    1. Thanks Pierce, glad you find it useful. I tried to come up with some unique monsters. I plan on writing up some of the monsters and some of the other stuff on the tables. The Shrapnel Rat was an idea I took from the Gears of War 2 video game. I envisioned them as Dire Rats that explode like mines as they approach their victims.