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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tyranny of Dragons: Actual Play Sessions 1-3

My Tyranny of Dragons campaign had it's fifth session last night. Things went completely off the rails and I have a write up for it coming. I’ve been wanting to write up the session reports for a while now so in the mean time I’ll give a quick overview of what’s happened thus far. 

This post contains spoilers for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure. Read no further if you intend be a player in this campaign!

Sessions 1-2: Greenest in Flames
The campaign began with a caravan arriving in at the outskirts of the village of Greenest. The village is under attack by raiders and a big blue dragon. Enter our heroes. Godric Dante, the half-elf ranger and former ruler of Greenest. Khyber, a gnomish wizard/cleric of Mystra. Brioche, a Halfling bard and former farmer in the area. At this point we only had three players so I had an NPC cleric of Lathander named Randal Dawnbringer who claims that Lathander is his brother…

You are here!
When Godric had last been in the village his sister had been left in charge. So the mission was to get to the Keep. After having a few encounters, the group made it to the Keep. Godric new of a secret passage in from his days growing up. Once inside they learned that Godric’s sister had been betrothed to the new leader of the Village Lord Nighthill, but that she has been missing for some time now.

The group lead by Godric confronted Lennithon, the massive blue dragon that was assaulting the Keep. They surmised that the dragon did not have its heart in the attack and cut a deal with it. If they promised to return Lennithon’s 3 eggs that he suspected were being kept in the raiders camp, he would leave the fight now. The deal was made and the Dragon flew off.

Later in the evening a few other characters joined the group in helping to liberate the town. They discovered the ambush at the Mill and rescued the townsfolk from doom at the Temple of Chauntea.

The raid concluded with the Cult of the Dragon’s champion a blue scaled dragonborn named Cyanwrath challenging the town to a duel. He was injured badly during the fight but ended up killing a halfling monk PC named Toro. This was one of the players that never ended up coming back due to scheduling issues.

Session 3: The Raiders Camp

Lennithon the terror of Greenest!
The party recovering from the attack is recruited by Lord Nighthill to track the raiders back to their camp. Godric doesn’t trust Nighthill at all and is very suspicious of his motives (He may even be right…). The group is resupplied and heads out to the south east. They find a camp of stragglers and thanks to the trickery of Khyber and a few well placed spell the group begins infighting. The party easily cleans up the remaining raiders. Eventually they make it to the mouth of the camp where they are ambushed. The party manages to defeat the villains, but are badly injured during the battle. From this point they discover the full extent of the raiding party forces. They do a quick reconnaissance of the enemy camp and gather as much info as they can from the safety of the mountains and cover. From there they return to Greenest to report what they have discovered and try and get some reinforcements.

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