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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tharzad-Dul Mega-Dungeon Update

I've updated the Tharzad-Dul Mega-Dungeon Page found HERE.

With the arrival of Dungeons & Dragons 5e and delving back in to fantasy reading (see THIS blog entry on what I'm currently reading), my mind has come back to Tharzad-Dul and the World of Aerd my mega-dungeon blog project. The three things that I feel are most important to cover in order to make this playable in terms of starting up a campaign would be doing a write up on Enderfell the starting village, the Gods of Aerd, and level 2 of the dungeon (The Garden Level).

When I started this project I was using the free Swords & Wizardry rules. I don't intend to go back and update what I've written already (at least not at this point), but going forward I will be using the D&D 5e rules. So keep your eyes peeled for new updates of the World of Aerd.

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