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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Chapel of Larithyon

This weekend my wife and I went on a little road trip into the Eastern Townships. This bucolic little area is full of neat places to explore. One place we visited was a small mountain that had a chapel built on top. As we explored some of the trails I felt as if I'd wandered into some sort of enchanted rocky woodland. It got me to thinking, who builds a chapel on top of a mountain anyway? As I thought about it I  imagined a cleric of Saint Cuthbert who built a wilderness chapel years ago in Greyhawk's Stark Mounds. Being in the wilderness it became a ripe target for the enemies of Good. 

This chapel was built by Larithyon, a human cleric of Saint Cuthbert in the Stark Mounds. Here he worshiped his deity and battled evil. He collected many religious works that are still to this day preserved in the library. After his death he was interred by his acolytes and his magical mace hidden behind a bas relief. Much later the chapel fell into disuse. It became a site of pilgrimage until the Giant invasions of 583 CY. Today a mindflayer and his minions have taken over the site and use it as a base to raid for fresh meat and brains. The Gargoyle (located at 2b) and the mind flayer have a truce but are not actually allied with one another and for the right price might be willing to reveal the mindflayer's secret lair in 4g.

Chapel Grounds
1a. A number of small mountain trails lead down the mountain.
1b. An Intellect Devourer runs around here (MM 191)

The Rectory
2a. Grimlock Shaman lives here 
2b. Secret passage down to (4f). Gargoyle Guard Post (on roof)

The Chapel Proper
3a. Grimlock lookout post (MM 175)
3b. Defiled Altar
3c. Stairs down to (4a)
3d. Grimlock Lair

The Crypt
4a. Stairwell
4b. Crypts
i. Larithyon's Crypt
ii. Bones and rubble
iii. Empty Crypt 
4c. Bas Relief of Saint Cuthbert fighting Iuz hidden within is Larithyon's magical Mace
4d. Ancient Library containing many religious and sacred religious works 
4e. Mindflayer Laboratory 
4f. Secret entry from Rectory (2b)

4g. Secret Mindflayer Lair (MM 222)

Map by Dyson Logos

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