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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Family Fun Time with Magic Shotguns

Last night my family attempted to play Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. We only made it a few rooms deep into the first quest before we needed to call it quits. Not because the game wasn’t fun, but one kid had to go to bed, and my wife needed to go out and I needed to read the rules some more to figure things out. Over all I think it’s a sweet game and hopefully I’ll have a better report to give later.

The Mad Scientist's Lab!
The scene in which I liberated the X4360 Shotgun!
Yes, Thats a space marine scout...

An interesting thing happened though. My youngest daughter asked today if she could run us through a roleplaying scenario of her own design tonight. I was unsure how it would turn out but went with it anyway. She asked for all the minis I had and the big block of graph paper.

This table was trapped with electricity.
She ran us through the dungeon and I have to say that for the first time running something with no real rules to speak of it was pretty fun! I was amazed at how well she managed to come up with ideas on the fly and the creativity of her dungeon.

Goblins came out of this box when we opened it. 

The background was that our group had been hunting an evil goblin named Ghooda. We were ambushed in the forest and pushed down a hole that we couldn’t get out of because of a force field that kept us in. We soon learned that this was a magical laboratory in which an evil scientist experimented on people who had been going missing in the area nearby. The best part was when my character managed to get a magic weapon which was called the “X4360 Shotgun” which I liberated from one of the experimented on dungeon denizens.

This pool of water was poisoned. 

I was really inspired by the simplicity and free flowing nature of the game and how much fun we had. So much so that I think I’m going to try something like this of my own design in the near future!

In the final encounter we managed to escape the Dungeon!

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