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Sunday, March 19, 2017

State of the Blog

It's raining dice over here!
It seems that my gaming drought is over! The flood has come and I find myself inundated in gaming of all types. Magic: the Gathering, D&D 5e, and a plethora of Games Workshop stuff is being played on a regular basis.

As I’m sure many game bloggers can attest to there is something about actually playing the games we love that reinvigorates us and instills the desire to write about the hobby more than ever. At least for me at any rate. This year alone I’ve already written more posts than in the past two years combined!

It feels good to be playing and writing again. My life has seen a lot of changes over the past few years as I transition into a new career. In a couple of months, I should be starting my new job and I’m sure that will impact this blog and the gaming. But one thing is certain, I will always be back.

Another thing that’s become clear to me is that while I love sharing stuff about what’s going on in my life about games I play or stuff about gaming in general, I still have the desire to create something of my own. Something to share with the gaming community. The DIY crowd has (and continues to) put out amazing products. At some point in the future I need to add my own opus to this great body of work. When I do, I plan on previewing my work here first.

Till then expect to see more of my game reports and the rest of my Temple of Elemental Evil posts and anything else that comes up along the way!

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