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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tyranny of Dragons: Actual Play Sessions 4-5

The Tyranny of Dragons campaign continues. Monday night the campaign changed gears. I’ve posted sessions 1-3 here. Now onto what leading up to the latest events in the campaign. 

This post contains spoilers for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure read no further if you intend be a player in this campaign!

Session 4: The Dragon Hatchery
Swift death was delivered to Cyanwrath. Sad DM face!
Back in Greenest the party reports their findings to Lord Nighthill. They request aid to help attack the hundreds of raiders that are massed at the camp. All Nighthill can offer them is two new recruits: a wild elf cleric of Torm named Variel, and a half-orc barbarian named Skaar, both of whom helped aid the town in other battles during the night of the raid.

After much planning the group heads back to the raiders camp to discover it abandoned. Hoping learn more and locate Lennithon’s eggs the group heads to explore a cave deep inside the camp. Inside they fight a few elite Dragon Cult warriors, they discover much of the dungeon abandoned (for the sake of time I removed many of the encounters). Eventually they made their way into a chamber where they run into the Dragon Cult Champion Cyanwrath and a bunch of his warriors. A massive battle ensues Frulam Mondath the Dragon Cult’s leader (of this particular chapter) ends up joining the battle. During the fight, Godric drinks a magic potion that he found hidden back in the Keep. The potion fills him with power and his sword erupts in flames! Eventually the cultists all lay dead. Brioche discovers a small chest that sits before a massive carving of Tiamt and begins to pry the lid open with his spear…

Session 5: The Dragon Hatchery & Other Strange Places
The session begins with a new player joining the group, an elf rogue named Raven. Raven fought on the side of the town during the raid. Shortly after the party left to go back to the raiders camp the Lord Nighthill recruited him to bolster the party. He arrived just in time to our little Halfling Brioche about to pry open a chest with his lucky spear…

Everyone else in the room cried out NOOO! But it was too late, and the trap was sprung. Acid sprayed from the mouths of dragon carvings and then turned into a poisonous gas. A few characters went down, but somehow everyone in the room survived the trap. It was at this point that Raven introduced himself and the party looted the room.

Godric however was not so lucky. At some point his character went into a coma. He was sweating and feverish and had an iron grip on his sword. His eyes moved and twitched as if having a horrible nightmare. No amount of rousing could wake him (Godric’s player was absent and I had a big plan for him this session, so unfortunately well have to wait to discover what happens next). The group covered him up and tried to keep him in view while they continued exploring.

This was one hungry Roper!
The group came into a room that contained a deep depression that held dragon eggs! The eggs were guarded by trained drakes. During this time, they were attacked by kobolds with clay pots full of alchemist fire and glue bombs. The group managed to defeat them but were unable to recover any of the pots. They then took some of the bodies of the slain warriors and tossed them down into the pit to feed the drakes. Soon they discovered that a roper lived in the pit as well. They fed the roper too. Variel, who has a burning hatred for the cultists and dragons destroyed one of the eggs with radiant fire and then offered the roper the rest of the dragon eggs to eat as well. Brioche was freaking out at the destruction of the eggs yelling that they were now doomed to be dragon food. On closer inspection it was discovered that these eggs were not those of a blue dragon like Lennithon, but black…

At this point the group went on to explore the rest of the dungeon. They discovered that the cultist had bugged out with the treasure they had been stealing and were heading off towards Baldur’s Gate. They found the remnants of a store room with a drunk cultist guarding a dragonborn in shackles. On the east wall of the room was a strange carving of an archway with arcane runes inscribed all over it.

The party slew the cultist guard and interrogated the shackled dragonborn. It spoke to them in a otherworldly voice, its eyes rolled up so that only the whites of his eyes showed. It told them “I am the Voice; this mortal body is the Listener. We seek the chosen one. Will you help us find it?” The party was not having it and killed the dragonborn and discovered a strange rune encrusted stone in it’s pocket.

At this point the gnome Khyber was examining the runed carved wall. When he touched it he disappeared. One by one each of the party members touched the wall and disappearing in turn. 

Side Note: This group is not the most cautious I’ve encountered which as a DM is awesome!

Stay tuned to find out next time what happened to our intrepid heroes!

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