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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Superior Spider-Man

So much awesome!
So as things intensify in my program reading for fun tends to get put on the back burner. It's not that I
don’t have the time. It's more of an issue of being too tired to actually have the mental power to focus and enjoy reading a good novel for any length of time.The thing is I really want to read. Then I hint on the idea that maybe something shorter and more visual might scratch that itch. I hit up a my local spot and chatted up the owner and he hooked me up with the first collected volume of The Superior Spider-Man*.

I've really enjoyed the story so far. In fact I just finished reading the second volume and can't wait to pick up the last four volumes in the series. The nice thing is that I've been told that series leads up to the new Amazing Spider-Man series which I have the first sixteen issues on the ready to read pile.

So if your like me and you're a fan of Spider-Man I would suggest picking this up and giving it a read.


The premise is that previous to the start of this series Doctor Octopus was dying. In order to save himself he did some sort of switch that put Peter Parker in his body, and him in his. Now Peter is gone and Otto Octavius has taken over with the goal of being a better- in fact- Superior Spider-Man!   

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