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Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Forbidden Wilderlands: Session 1A–Dingidy is the reason...

This is a summary of my first session in my new D&D 5e Forbidden Wilderlands campaign. It's meant to be a hexcrawl in my own adaptation of the Elphand Lands of the Wilderlands, which I renamed to the Riverlands, mostly because Elphand Lands just sounds too cheesy to me.

  • Colby Branchrunner (Woodelf Ranger 3)
  • Jet (Colby's panther animal companion)
  • Pax (Human Warlock Hexblade 3)
  • Kalaram (Kalashtar Sorcerer 3)
  • Delius (Human Artificer 3)
  • Mandriff (Pardeshi Twilight Druid 3)
  • Carlin (Gnome Bard 3)
Sweetrain 19, 4433 BCCC
The Tombwood

The characters gathered at the Rusty Dragon in the coastal town of Kalastar. There they met Broderik Quink an 80 year old sage. Quink gave the group a partial map of the Riverlands he had began compiling. He asked the group if they would help him finish his life long desire to see the map completed. Accepting this task as their first foray into the wilderness he asked the group if they would be willing to investigate why skeletons have been wandering out of the nearbyTombwood and wreaking havoc. The group set off and fought some skeletons at edge of Tombwood. On one of the skeletons they found a holy symbol that once belonged to the cleric Abysthor on defeated skeleton. While in the Tombwood Mandriff attempted to tried to grave rob one of the mausoleums. A discussion occurred about how robbing graves was not ok because the dead deserve to have "dingidy". Exploring deeper into the woods the group found defeaced and desecrated shrines of Thry and Muir. Nearby they also discovered a pond with giant frogs and frog tadpoles in it and a small underground stream. In one of the shrines, hidden in a secret room the group found a bunch of treasure including some emeralds. They also discovered a Breastplate and short sword each with the dwarves runes of Radruundar and the God Draconus stamped on them. the group had the emeralds made into amulets and dubbed their party "The Emerald Six". 

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