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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am Scorpion Clan

Yesterday I got an email from Noble Knight Games saying that they were having a sale. One of the first items on the list was a Legend of the Five Rings product.

I feel like my gaming career began rather atypical to how I imagine most people get into the hobby. Aside from that one failed D&D session I wrote about yesterday, the first real gaming I ever did was Call of Cthulhu, Escape from Innsmouth. But that's a story for a whole other time. Trust me, it's a doozy.

Not long after that game ended we played a little bit of D&D, but quickly moved on to Legend of the Five Rings. I remember falling deeply in love with this game. In fact it was the first rule book that I ever bought, and I would quickly build my RPG library with more titles from the line.

So when I saw that email it got me thinking. "Hey?" I said, "Whatever happened with that game anyway?" So I went over to the AEG site and somehow I found myself taking this little "What Clan are you?" test. As the title of this post clearly states, I am a Scorpion. Which is the Clan I would have played had the GM at the time allowed us to choose it. I mean I already knew I was a bad guy, but this just proves it. Perhaps this is another one of those signs that I need to go back to my gaming roots. Good times...

What Clan are you?

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