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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tell Me I Suck!

I was checking out a bunch of blogs to add to the growing list of blogs I follow today. As I did this I came across Ostensible Cats post from way back on March 9th which in turn he references a post made by Cyclopeatron here. The basic argument being put forth is that blog post's about opinions tend to generate more comments than blog posts with actual content in them.

Generally I try to write and share posts with content. Despite all the tools available to monitor the traffic on my blog I still find myself wondering is what I write about is interesting to others or not. So please do me a favour and let me know it I suck! Or if on the odd occasion I do hit the mark you can let me know as well.

Oh, and I'm on facebook now! So feel free to friend me, and my blog.


  1. I'm afraid you don't suck, sorry. If it comments you're looking for...well, what Johnathan and Cyclopeatron said is true. However, you can get comments from content, but you have to build your audience.

    Also, I think there's a little bit of reciprocity at play, at least for me. There are a lot of blogs out there, and I can't get to everybody everyday, but besides the post titles for that day that grab me, I try to visit the guys who I frequently see commenting over at my blog. Fostering a sense of community requires at least a bit of that reciprocity, I think.

    But anyway, keep giving out good content and people will come.

  2. Hey Thanks Trey. I agree about the reciprocity bit as well as building an audience. Two things I'm attempting to foster slwoly but surely. Thanks for the comments, and i love your blog as well.