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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome To My New Blog!

Since late July of 2010 I had another blog called Zombie World. The blog was hosted on Wordpress and I was becoming more and more frustrated with it. Chief among my pet peeves with it was the lack of a widget or gadget that would allow me to add followers to my side bar.

In addition I had been contemplating starting fresh with a new blog anyway. The old one was a hodge podge of topics and not always very focused. With this blog I intend it to be more or less completely game related. In particular, I have fallen in love with the traditions and trappings of the old school mindset. So with this blog I hope to share with other members of the OSR blogo-sphere, as well as anyone else who might be interested what I learn along the way.

Zombie World is dead. It will not be updated again. So if you were one of the people who checked in there on a regular basis, and liked what you saw there, then this will more than likely be the place for you. Become one of the infected and follow Zombiecowboy's Game Blog!

My intention is to post from Mondays to Fridays first thing in the morning if possible. I might post more often, or on the weekends but that will be the exception to the rule. Also, I want to hear from you people. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions, I promise I wont cry. Well maybe just a little...;)

Till next time, see ya'all on the flip side. The "Horde" is on the move.