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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Dropping In!

It was either in the Ruins of Undermountain or the City of Splendors box set that Ed wrote about how his players would go on merry chases across the roof tops in the city of Waterdeep. These chases would invariably lead to the PCs crashing through a skylight or roof to land in the precarious position of interrupting some sort of activity in the room below unexpectdly. This in turn might lead to a new adventure or just a fun encounter to break things up for a bit. So I thought it would be fun to create a random table you could use to create some unexpected twists and turns in your own game. Thus I present the Random Crashing Through The Roof Table. 

Random Crashing Through The Roof Table
Roll 1d12 or choose one:
1. A group of thieves are in the middle of planning a robbery.
2. A group of nobles masked and having an orgy.
3. A midnight tryst with a couple of important people having a secret scandalous affair.
4. A bizarre cult in the middle of a dark ritual or roll 1d4 below:
(1. summoning a demon 2. scarificing a virgin 3. opening a gate 4. rasing a dead comrade) 
5. A bunch of young drunk bravos looking for a fight.
6. A wizard in the middle of a very sensitive magical experiment.
7. The resting place of a monster.
8. The room contains a glowing gate to another place of the DMs choice.
9. A group of bandit counting their loot an a recent job.
10. A giant attic spider nest full of cobwebs and baby spider swarms.
11. The house is haunted and now the PC's are trapped inside until they can figure out how to get the spirit(s) in the house to rest in peace.
12. The PC's crash into a store or other place of business thats just been robbed. The city watch has just arrived and its looks like they are the ones that did the breaking in! Roll 1d6 below for type of shop:
(1. Book Store 2. Bank 3. Jewellery Shop 4. Antique Store 5. Magic Shop 6. Weapons Shop)

Thanks for dropping in!

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