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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weird Westerns

Jamie over at For A Fistful Of Coppers has been pondering running a spaghetti western style game. Or as he refers to it a bullets and tequila adventure. I can just imagine the sub-title on the movie poster, "If the bullets don't kill ya, the tequila will".

Well damn it all to hell! Now I'm thinking about running a western game. As if i really needed to be tempted with another sweet idea to tease me and remind me just how deep my gamer ADD really runs. Thanks Jamie, thanks a lot.

So in an effort to exorcise my gamer ADD demons here we go.

  • I want at least one adventure that deals with people fighting on top of a moving train.
  • It's all about six-shooters and tomahawks.
  • In the spirit of Call of Cthulhu the PCs are ordinary people who get swept up in extraordinary events. I think magic and weird shit should happen but not be something the PC's get to handle. Magic is bad. If you mess with it you will get fucked up.
  • Mooks. I love the scenes in those spaghetti westerns when a single gunfighter can take out a ton of mooks. Mooks getting shot and falling from the roofs of buildings, getting shot off horses, and waves of mooks getting shot down when the gunslinger fans his trusty peace maker.
  • Monsters are scary. They will mess you up and swallow your soul. Bullets will do jack shit (except maybe silver bullets on were-wolves) to them. In order to defeat a monster you must finds its weakness or some kind of special way to stop it.
  • I want an ancient Chinese sorcerer to be the major villain. He can send ninja assassins, evil spirits, and a mass of eager goons and minor villains to make the PCs life difficult.
  • Indians will be bad ass noble savages. They are that group that's could either be good for the PCs, or their worst fucking nightmare depending on how they handle things with them.
Crap. This didn't do shit except me want to run something like this even more! Oh well, more fodder for the notebook. Then one day, it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.  


  1. Effin' awesome. Like the original draft of Big Trouble in Little China!

    Right now, I'm working on the Bullets and Tequila stuff, as well as thinking about my previous D&D Heist ideas and trying to kitbash Moldvay Basic and Gamma World 7E character creation together. I accidentally told a friend that I have serious "gamer AD&D." :)

  2. Hmmm,I didnt think about that, but yeah that IS Big Trouble in Little China, western style! That's a good one,serious gamer AD&D!