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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Galactic Chimeran Empire

Artwork by Euderion
This post is one of a series related to the Digital Dark Age, my space opera blogging project. It is powered by the free version of the Stars Without Number RPG, but is designed to be system neutral. You can learn more by searching the Digital Dark Age Index sidebar, or by searching the labels.
Overview: Few today would believe that the roots of one of the greatest Galactic Empires started as a simple colony seed ship and a dream for a new start. In the aftermath of World War III caused an event known today as the Great Diaspora. The people of Earth fled in droves to establish new homes on distant worlds. Many of those desperate and courageous people never made it, and those that did often failed to survive the rigours that come with colonizing a new planet. Today, the current monarchy and most of the oldest noble houses can trace their lineage back to the Chimera, the seed ship that would eventually make the Bellerophon System their new home.

The Bellerophon System contains three habitable planets; Pegasus, Typhon and Chimera. Chimera is the capitol and it's from the cosmopolitan city of New Lycia that one can find the Royal Palace, the Parliament buildings, and the University of New Lycia, as well as some of the most important corporations in the galaxy.

Culture: Chimerans are an industrious, innovative and hard working people. The official language is Terran Angelic, which is widely used throughout the Empire and beyond. They are an open and inclusive society that tends to assimilate other cultures into their own creating a patchwork of cultures and ideas with a distinct Chimeran panache to it.

Politics: The Empire is a Constitutional Monarchy. The current head of state is the Empress Adelaide of House Lockhart. The head of the government is the Prime Minister, Lord Gerald Wallace. Policy and law are decided with the aid of Her Majesty's Royal Council, and Parliament. Parliament consists of the House of Lords, and House of Commons.

Science & Military: The Empire boasts some of the greatest scientific minds, and one of the best militaries in the galaxy. The Royal Chimeran Armed Forces (RCAF) is commanded by Lord Protector Hektor Tanka. The RCAF is divided into four commands, naval (sea), naval (space), army, and air.

Commerce & Industry: The currency of the Empire is the Imperial Mark. Many transactions are done electronically but hard cash is still king. These are the gold Imperial Dragon, silver Lion, and copper Rams. Commerce and shipping thrives in the Empire. This is mainly due to the Astral Jump Gate Junction that can be found in the Bellerophon System connecting to a number of other far flung and otherwise unaccessible systems.   

Recent Developments: The Empire is facing some of it's greatest threats. Noble houses jockey for position, political agendas are beginning to heat up in parliament. Particularly there are those that are questioning whether the monarchy is still the in the best interests of the Empire and are demanding major reforms. As always there are the skirmishes at the edge of the empire involving systems seeking to separate from the Empire, upstart warlords and pirates. Worst of all things seem to be heating up with the The Peoples Republic of Ilion. All out war with the Republic seems to be unavoidable and its just a matter of time.  

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