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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Shadowheart Forest

Artwork by Helen Khrustalyova
The Shadowheart Forest is a massive and ancient woodland full of magnificent creatures and places. The few locations and random tables here do not do this region justice.

In a past age a magnificent city stood at the woods centre. The origins of this city began with two races of elves, the Elaeron, and Fellantir, who came to this world at about the same time. When they first encountered each other a great war occurred. At the end of this war a peace treaty was signed at the site chosen to build a marvellous city that would honour the dead and showcase the wisdom, magic and ingenuity that both races shared. This golden city of peace prospered for hundreds of years until, like things, its glory began to fade and crack. Eventually civil war ripped the city apart and destroyed the magical Gates to their home worlds. The city was abandoned and the two races of exiled elves founded knew, if less glorious homes. The Elaeron fled into the hollows and veins of the Earth, while the Fellantir took to the tops of the highest trees. The animosity and hatred still burns strong between the two races.

Forest Encounters

Roll 1d10
1. Elaeron Elves
2. Fellantir Elves
3. Ghostweb Spiders
4. Bandits
5. Bloody Paw Goblins (see Tharzad-Dul, Mountain Door)
6. Xanophid (Biologically engineered plant creature)
7. Shadowheart Rangers (mix of humans and Fellantir elves)
8. Flying Skink (small reptile with wings)
9. Moth-Man
10. Khysophax (Ancient Dragon)

The Forest Road Encounters

Roll 1d10
1. Merchant Caravan
2. City-State Legionnaire Patrol
3. Farmers
4. Bandits
5. Goblins
6. Villagers
7. Leucrotta
8. Gypsy Caravan
9. Village Militia Patrol
10. Cultists

Points of Interest

The Village Enderfell (Hex 1116)

This is a small village would be of little significance if it wasn’t so close to not one but two major dungeons! The ruins of Erithhador, the failed City of Peace lies to the north within a hard days march. The fallen dwarven city of Tharzad-Dul lies a day to the east directly on the Forest Road. This is a great place for adventurers to rest and relax, in between missions. The town caters to adventurers and probably would have been razed by goblins if it hadn’t been for the timely aid of a friendly sword or spell from a passer through.

The Ruins of Erithhador (Hex 1410)

The City of Peace is no more. But even in ruin she is still a magnificent sight to behold. Many relics and treasures can be found here. In particular the Elves were known for their magic and there is plenty of that to be found here in the form of weapons, tomes, and other artifacts that can no longer be made. Of special note are the two Elf-Gates. These gates can be found at the centre of the city. Niether one works anymore, but if they could somehow be repaired then they could be used to travel to the original elven home worlds. It is common knowledge that the outer edges of the city are the least dangerous. A low level party could expect to survive here. While the deeper one gets into the city the more dangerous it becomes.

The Lair of Kysophax (Hex 0610)

The Dragons of Aerd (the world in which the City-State of Kossuth is located) are not colour coded like traditional D&D. These dragons are all unique and possess a variety of magical abilities and powers. Kysophax has not been seen in some time, but when he does appear it is heralded as a sign of apocalypse. This is the entrance to the dragon's lair, his true lair lies within the Thule Mountains.

The Mouth of Madness (Hex 1218)

The foolish believe that this pit descending into bowels of the earth is just a regular cave entrance. That it connects to a confusing network of regular tunnels and caverns extending below the entire surface of the City-State. The wise man knows better. The truth of the matter is that this entrance leads into another realm all together. A place where the rules of the surface world no longer apply. Eventually, if one survives long enough before going insane they will discover the new home of the Elaeron Elves. It will also become clear why the Elaeron Elves are so not quite right in the head anymore. If one where to travel even deeper they would eventually reach the city of a vile race of albino men known as the Azgarthians.

Fellantir Village (Hex 0913)

The Fellantir are live in a village located in the trees. They are not particularly welcoming of others, but those that they do allow into their circle tend to become very trusted allies or very great enemies. There is a faction here that wishes to return to their home world of Fellanthia, while there are others that argue that this is their one true home now. In an effort to battle their ancient nemesis the Fellantir created a magical race of plant creatures called Xanophids. These creatures have rebelled against their creators and now are an ever growing plague in the forest.

Mothmen Lair (Hex 1518)

The enigmatic Moth-men lair here high in the trees. They only come out at night to hunt. What they want no one knows. Whatever it is the secrets they hide will be pivotal in the coming days.

The Shadowheart Stone (Hex 1017)

The Shadowheart Stone is a rune encrusted stone monolith that comes from an age before the cataclysm. Today a Circle of Druids called the Guardians of the Heart gather here to perform rites and rituals. Failure to perform these rituals, the druids believed that a great evil will be released into the world. The truth is that they are right. A stairway into the earth below the stone leads deep into the dungeon prison of the ancient wizard named Kardath and his Gug servitors.

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