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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Nakkoro

Artwork by Ken Barthelmey
This post is part of a series related to the Digital Dark Age, my space opera blogging project. It uses the free version of Stars Without Number as it's game engine, but is designed to be system neutral. You can learn more by searching the Digital Dark Age Index sidebar, or by searching the labels.

The Nakkoro hail from Kaheevah a planet found in Inoa System. They are stalwart allies of the Chimeran Empire. They are a civilized and peaceful race of space explorers, scientists and bioengineers. They speak Nakkronese, a difficult language to master since it uses sounds humans cant reproduce as well as specialized tendril movements.

Appearance & Biology
The Nakkoro have smooth skin resembling that of an elephant. They are omnivorous quadrupeds allowing them an appropriate centre of balance in order to support their long giraffe-like necks. Racial subgroups have variations of stripe patterns and colours found on their bodies. They have small eyes yet are capable of seeing as well as a human. They have an acute sense of smell and their mouth tendrils are used for both tasting and fine manipulation of objects.

The Nakkoros need for exploration brought them into space. Humans were the first extraterrestrial species to come into contact with the Nakkoro. This first contact was between the then Star Kingdom of Chimera and was quite violent. For a time the the two societies warred until they both grew weary of battle. Peace prevailed and treaties were signed. Even then the two races kept a distance from each other until the arrival of the war-like Krongdari. For the first time Humans and Nakkoro combined their resources and brought battle to the invaders. At the end of this confrontation the Nakkoro and Krongdari officially joined the Empire of Chimera. As Imperial citizens the Nakkoro have been able to focus on what they love most the continued quest for scientific knowledge.

At the heart of every Nakkoro lies a strong sense of curiosity. The need for knowledge drives them to question, study, and experiment. Quite often their hard stance on facts and evidence has the effect of making them seem cold and emotionless. Yet the Nakkoro are indeed a caring and creative species.

Nakkoro are inquisitive and curious. They have a strong wanderlust and sense of exploration and discovery. They like building things and make great scientists, engineers, and researchers. They are not a violent race, but they are not afraid to defend themselves if they must. Nakkoro people and place names tend have a  Hawaiian asthetic to them.  

Nakkoro as Player Characters

 Nakkoro require a minimum 14 in Intelligence. They favour the Expert class, but there are no restrictions on what class choices are available.  

Typical Nakkoro Statistics
Armour Class: 9                 No. Appearing: 1-8
Hit Dice: 1/2                        Saving Throw: 15 +
Attack Bonus: +0               Movement: 30'
Damage: 1d2 punch            Morale: 7
Skill Bonus: +4 

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