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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tharzad-Dul Room Key Part 3

This is Part 3 of 3 for the first level of my mega-dungeon project Tharzad-Dul. 

Room Descriptions

19. Defaced Statue
This room contains a defaced statue. A monument to some forgotten dwarven hero.
Monsters: 4 vipers hide near or on the statue. They will try to surprise attack anyone searching near or on the statue.
Viper: HD 1d6hp; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 bite (1hp + poison); Move 18; Save 18; CL/XP 2/30; Special: Lethal poison (+2 save).
Treasure: Behind a loose stone at the base of the statue is a stash of treasure worth 360 gp.

20. The Viper Pit
This room is a shrine to the vile god the Father Hydra. Sacrifices are offered to by throwing victims into the 10 x 10 x 10 foot deep pit. The snakes then kill, devour, and take this unholy communion to their living god deeper in the mountain where they are in turned devoured by Father Hydra.
Monsters: Currently there are 2 vipers and 1 cobra in the pit. They get in an out through numerous holes and cracks in the floor and walls. More 1d4 snakes will arrive every minute someone is in the pit, or there is a ritual about to begin.
Viper: HD 1d6hp; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 bite (1hp + poison); Move 18; Save 18; CL/XP 2/30; Special: Lethal poison (+2 save).
Cobra: HD 1; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 bite (1hp + poison); Move 16; Save 17; CL/XP 3/60; Special: Lethal poison.
Treasure: There are a number of golden idols representing a hydra with snake heads,candelabra’s, and other religious paraphernalia worth a total of 360 gp

21. Rat Larder
This room contains broken furniture and other debris. All along the wall opposite of the door are the corpses of rats that have been spiked into the wall. Some of them still squirm and squeal in agony as the life bleeds out of them.
Monsters: None
Treasure: None

22. Old Barracks
These rooms once served as barracks for the dwarven soldiers that manned the fortress. Now they lie empty, save for the broken remnants of the rooms contents
Monsters: None
Treasure: None

23. The Cultist Camp
This is the main encampment for the cultists exploring the dungeon. Here they sleep, do further research, and prepare and eat their meals.
Monsters: If the cultists are not in Room 16, they will be found here, along with 6 others who are permanently stationed here.
Human Cultist: HD 1; AC 7[12]; Atk 1 weapon (1d8); Move 12; Save 17; CL/XP 1/15; Special: None.
Treasure: The cultists have a collection of 180 gp worth of trinkets and gold between them here.

24. High Priest's Bedroom
The leader of this expedition is located here. He reports to his superiors in the city of Kossuth via a magical hand mirror made from a polished and ornately decorated dragon scale. He's been demanding that the cult send in reinforcements because they have been experiencing more difficulty than expected in dealing with the dungeons denizens. He also realizes that its only a mater of time until the truce he helped broker will soon collapse. The priest would be more than willing to hire a group of adventurers to solve this situation.
Monsters: The High Priest is found here most often.
High Priest of Mem'Dathou: HD 3; AC 7[12]; Atk 1 Staff of Blasting (1d8); Move 12; Save 13; CL/XP 4/120; Special: Spells, Charm Person x 1, Sleep x 1, Mirror Image x1
Treasure: The high priest magical mirror is worth 360 gp and can be used to communicate with any other magical mirror. The mirror gives the possessor a telepathic alert when someone wishes to communicate with them.

25. Research Station
This is wear the priests have been studying some of the more obscure relics. In particular they are trying to decipher the location of the Vrillium deposits that they know must exist further below,
Monsters: At any one time there are 3 priests here.
Priest of Mem'Dathou: HD 2; AC 5[14]; Atk 1 Mace (1d8); Move 12; Save 17; CL/XP 3/60; Special: Spells, inflict light wounds x 1
Treasure: There are 540 gp worth of dwarven artifacts here.

26. The Desecrated Chapel
This once was a chapel dedicated to the dwarven gods. It has been re-sanctified as a temple to the cult's God, Mem'Dathou. The cult's priests have been using a ritual granted to them through their God to use this area to create skeleton warriors to bolster their forces.
Monsters: There are 7 skeletons guarding the temple.
Skeleton: HD 1; AC 8[11] or 7[12] with shield; Atk 1 weapon or strike (1d6) or (1d6+1 two-handed); Move 12; Save 17; CL/XP 1/15; Special: None.
Treasure: The cult's holy book, Mysteries of the Worm, is found here. It is worth 210 gp if the seller can find a buyer crazy enough to want it. The cult is fanatical about these books and will track down anyone who steals it and exact the proper retribution in Mem'Dathou's name. Virtually no one will buy this book in Kossuth, or the nearby villages since fear of the cult is very high.

27. Old Mess Hall
This was the fortresses mess hall. Stairs here lead down to the Farm Level (level 2).
Monsters: There are 7 serpent-men here. One of them has the key to the prison (Room 28).
Serpent-Man: HD 1; AC 6[13]; Atk 1 scimitar (1d8); Move 9; Save 17; CL/XP 1/15; Special: None.
Treasure: The serpent-men have a total of 210 gp worth of jewellery and coins on their person divided between each them.

28. Serpent-men Prison
The serpent-men use this room as a prison. The entrance to this room is locked.
Monsters: Two goblins and a cultist of Mem'Dathou are shackled to the wall. They have been replaced by shape changed serpent-men who are gathering information in to aid in finally removing them from this level.
Trap: This room is guarded by a Javelin trap.
Treasure: None

29. Torture Chamber
This room is filled with a variety of torture instruments. A scarred table with manacles sits in the middle of the room. A brazier filled with red hot coals and an iron poker sit in the corner of the room. A dead and mutilated goblin lays propped up in the corner.
Monsters: None
Treasure: None

30. Old Kitchen
This room was obviously once a kitchen for the dwarven soldiers. Today little more can be found here but broken pottery useless cooking implements and broken counters and rotting cupboards. Searching this room will turn up a few gold teeth, mouldy flour, and one jar of super hot spice.
Monsters: None
Treasure: None

31. Den of Snakes
This room has a number smelly cots. Clearly the sleeping quarters of at least 10 creatures. There are a number of large cracks in the walls. Amidst the debris in the room can be found a yellowed human skull with black runes carved into it, a piss pot, and a bunch of worn out and mundane adventurering gear.
Monsters: Hiding under one of the cots is a Constrictor snake. It will attempt to grapple and then squeeze the life out of anyone searching this room. If it is wounded for a third of its hit points it will attempt to escape into one of the cracks in the wall.
Constrictor: HD 2; AC 6[13]; Atk 1 constriction (1d3); Move 12; Save 16; CL/XP 2/30; Special: Constriction.
Treasure: Scattered in the different cots is a total of 90 gp.

32. Lavatory
This room is full of garbage and reeks of sewage.
Monsters: None
Treasure: None

33. The Master's Room
This is the throne room of the Hooded Master. He is the leader of the serpent-men on this level. The Hooded One looks like a humanoid snake person, but with the hooded head of a cobra. Like a select few of his type he can polymorph himself to assume the identity and voice of another person or creature. He has been charged by his superiors to gain control of this level and to use this area as a base of operations to complete other missions in the surrounding lands. Agents and spies in the city of Kossuth and other neighbouring villages report to him. The room contains a variety of stuffed beast, iron bars,
Monsters: Sitting at a ornate table in a large throne like chair sits the “Hooded One”. He is working on plans or 50% chance discussing various matters or plans with x serpent-men. An Iron Cobra is coiled by the door to this room waiting for a command to attack.
Iron Cobra: HD: 1+1 Armor Class: 1 [18] Atk: Bite (1d4 plus poison) Saving Throw: 17 Special: Find target, poison, magic resistance 10% Move: 15 Challenge Level/XP: 3/60
The Hooded Master: HD 4; AC 6[13]; Atk 2 scimitar (1d8); Move 12; Save 14; CL/XP 4/120; Special: Polymorph Self, Hypnotizing Gaze: as Charm Person.
Treasure: The master has a hidden cache of treasure hidden under a loose flagstone totalling 540 gp. In addition he has a bunch of notes listing, plans, informants and other secrets all written in the ancient serpent-men language.

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