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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Witchmire

Located in the north-western portion of the City-State of Kossuth is the Witchmire, a land reputed to be haunted by witches and other horrors.

The Witchmire was not always a fetid and diseased swampland. According to legend, the land was once a fertile valley full of trees and wildlife.

A great warlord came, claimed the area and built his castle in what is believed to once be at the centre of the swamp.

This brutal and cruel man had sexual appetites to match his bloodlust and many a young woman was forced to endure horrible atrocities before finally succumbing to death.

Then came a fateful day. While the latest of the Warlords victims lay dying, her heart filled with anger, a Devil approached her and offered her revenge if she gave him her immortal soul for all eternity. Soon after agreeing to this a blight fell on the land. Cattle and the people of the land began to waste away from disease. The crops failed as the ground transformed into mud and water. Finally, the young woman, with a ghostly army of the Warlord's past victims cornered the Warlord near the mountains and inflicted on him tortures culminating in his death.

Random Encounters

Roll 1d10

1. Bog Wight (Intelligent zombie)
2. Witchfire (Will-o-wisp)
3. Lhokrug Hunters (lizard-men)
4. Mire Trolls
5. Tar Pit
6. Octadile (eight armed crocodile)
7. Ambush Frog
8. Deaths Head Stirge
9.Carnivorous Plant
10. Stuffed Horror (Golem stitched together from canvas and filled with sand)

Points of Interest

The Devil's Fork (Hex 1307)

This site is reputed to be haunted by devils seeking to make a deal for your soul. The reality is that River Pirates have a secret hideout here. They encourage the rumours to keep this place safe from Legionnaires and anyone else.

Castle Wyrmfall (Hex 1403)

The ruins of the Warlords castle now serve as a home to a family of witches. They venerate their founding matriarch's devil saviour. Few monsters living in the Witchmire are willing to cross the witches. The Stuffed Horrors that wander the swamp are the witches creations. They are golems stitched together with buttons and canvas and filled with mud and sand. It is believed that there are extensive dungeons below the surface ruins full of treasure and magic.

The Lhokrug Village (Hex 1604)

The Lhokrug are a primitive and superstitious people similar to lizardmen. According to legend, they are all that remains of the descendants of the people who once lived in these lands before the Devil's Blight cursed the land and it's people. This may or may not be true, but they can often be found in the service of the witches. The Lhokrug worship their own primaeval reptilian God in bizarre and bloody rituals.

The Tomb of the Black Rider (Hex 1507)

This unremarkable cave network is the location that the female victims had their revenge on the Warlord. The Warlords heart was ripped from his chest and a curse put on him to be the the devil touched girl and her descendants slave for as long as his magically preserved heart still beat. Now the Black Rider, as he is known rides the land on his ghostly war horse and performs whatever task a family member has demanded of him. This usually entails murder and mayhem of some type. In the dungeon below Castle Wyrmfall, the black heart of the Warlord still beats...

Troll Warrens (Hex 1703)

Mire trolls live here and wander the swamp in an endless hunger. They can sometimes be found pressed into the service of the witches.

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