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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Phylax Sphere

Artwork by Ken Barthelmey
This post is part of a series related to the Digital Dark Age, my space opera blogging project. It uses the free version of Stars Without Number as it's game engine, but is designed to be system neutral. You can learn more by searching the Digital Dark Age Index sidebar, or by searching the labels.

The Phylax are a humanoid alien race. They are very aggressive and have thus far been refused entry into any galactic civilization. This is hardly a concern for the Phylax since they are extremely xenophobic and see themselves as a superior race.

Little is known of Phylax society. What has been determined that the is divided into political Spheres equivalent to a small state. Each sphere is controlled by a sphere queen. In addition to the queen a sphere consists of three castes. The Kalate, are winged and fill the role of leaders in the society, they are also chosen as the consorts for the sphere queens. The Mandalates are the soldiers and are most often encountered with the worker caste known as Fylates. Differentiating between these two castes is not difficult. The warriors are usually much larger and have mandibles, while the workers are smaller and lack mandibles.

Phylax-Mandalate (Solider) Statistics
Armour Class: 7                      No. Appearing: 1-8
Hit Dice: 1                                Saving Throw: 15 +
Attack Bonus: +1                    Movement: 30'
Damage: 1d10 plasma rifle      Morale: 10

Phylax-Fylate (worker) Statistics
Armour Class: 9                     No. Appearing: 1-8
Hit Dice: 1/2                            Saving Throw: 15 +
Attack Bonus: +0                   Movement: 30'
Damage: 1d4 claw                  Morale: 7

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