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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Beacon Hills

A Woad warrior attacks Kossuth Legionnaires - By Gianluca Pagliarani
This region lies on the border of Negrathia, a wasteland full of beast-men, demons and worse. The hills are the home of two major groups, the Beacon Gnomes and the blue painted Woad Barbarians. The Gnomes mine this hills for precious gems and act as an early warning system for the City-State of any attack from the north. The Woad consider these hills to be sacred ground and while many barrows house their dead, some are from an earlier age. What secrets and treasures lay hidden in their stony depths are anyones best guess.

Random Encounters

Roll 1d10

1. Gnomish Patrol
2. Merchant Caravan
3. Woad Hunters
4. Hill Giants
5. Mi-Go
6. Barrow Wights
7. Beast-Men Raiders
8. Hill Drake
9. Chupacabra
10. Ankheg

Points of Interest

The Village of Beacon Hill

Much of this gnomish village lies underground, including the gem mines. Potato, squash, pumpkin, and corn crops surround the village as well as sheep and goat farms. The Gnomes and the Woads are on friendly if distant terms and both are willing to come to the others aid in times of trouble.

Woad Village

The Woads are short, brown skinned barbarians. They paint their bodies with a striking blue paint in amazing patterns. This paint is said to have magical properties that can act as armour and camaflouge a woad warrior until he is right on top of you. They have lived in these hills for as long as they can remember. The current leader murdered his way to the top. He has an evil heart and is preparing to bring war to the gnomes and the City-State. Not everyone in the tribe feels the way he does but those that speak out disappear in the night, or die in hunting accidents.


These barrows can be found all over in the hills. The newest ones belong to the Woad barbarians. They are protected by traps, and barrow wights that defend the tomb from grave robbers. Some of them have been broken into are are used as lairs for other monsters.

The Rune Spikes

This circle of rune covered standing stones is actually a deactivated gate to the true home world of the Gnomes. The Gnomish home world is one of 8 worlds connected to this one via magical gates located in the region of the City-State of Kossuth. Another of these World Gates is the Dynost Bridge located somewhere in Tharzad-Dul. Yet another one is located in the Shadowheart Forest. Below the Rune Spikes lies a dungeon thats lowest depths holds the broken power generator. The dungeon is far from empty, but if explorers could repair the generator then this gate could be used to transport anyone to the gnomes original home world.

Mi-Go Outpost

This interstellar race from Yuggoth have an outpost here. They mine for minerals and perform bizarre research experiments on cattle and the intelligent races alike. They worship foul Gods and have established relations with a variety of humanoid races to work for them. Whatever plans they have they can not be good for anyone.

Hill Giant Village

The brutish Hill Giants have their village here. Built in the ruins of a much older settlement. The leaders of this tribe still possess some of the magical powers the giants once easily wielded in a different age. A prophecy sacred to all giants speaks of a time when their glorious empire will return.  

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