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Monday, March 17, 2014

Mega-Dungeon Project: Tharzad-Dul

Tharzad-Dul-Level 1: The Mountain Door
Before I started working on my most recent project, the Digital Dark Age, I spent some time collecting artwork. I did this because I wanted to find aliens that were different from the norm and quite frankly I needed some inspiration. I didn’t want to just make space orcs, space elves and so on. I found that these images really helped inspire me. They made putting word to the blank page a little easier.

Another thing I've discovered while working on this project is how much of a joy it is to work with such a rules light system. Stating up new aliens and monsters takes next to no time.

All this got me back to thinking about one of my long time obsessions, the mega-dungeon. So I thought to myself, hey theres plenty of maps to be found on the internet, why don’t you grab a few and stock those suckers to the gills with traps, monsters and treasure?

So I started writing a background for an old dwarven citadel and how it had fallen to their ancient nemesis of goblins and orcs. Nothing too original. But, then I came upon the secret reason that the goblins and orcs had finally been able to take the mountain fortress.

Thats when I knew that I had something special. To me at any rate. I needed this thing to be mine. Something that if I decided I wanted to, I could publish it.

So heres the first level of Tharzad-Dul another writing project I'll be posting up in between the Digital Dark Age stuff, and whatever else I feel like writing about. While you can use your favourite fantasy rpg, I'll be using Swords & Wizardry as my base line rules set.     

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