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Friday, March 7, 2014

We can't stop here. This is Drone Country.

This post is one of a series of posts related to the Digital Dark Age, my space opera blogging project. It uses the free version of Stars Without Number as it's game engine, but is designed to be system neutral. You can learn more by searching the Digital Dark Age Index sidebar, or by searching the Labels.
Someone called a halt. What? Shit, no. We can't stop here.

Sargent Adrian Kapinski hated this fucking shit hole planet. It wasn’t that Cygnus was an arid desolate rock. It wasn't the intensity of the heat or the stinging dust that managed to infiltrate every crevice possible. As veteran marine in the Royal Chimeran Navy, the environment was a minor inconvenience. While it unsettled him some to be wandering through the ruins of some extinct alien race, it was what had come out of those ruins that filled him with fear and loathing.

We can't stop here.

The Company had been escorting a team of scientists and archeologists to a specific dig site. Then the first ambush happened. They had lost a lot of good men and women that day. After the second ambush word had started to spread. Drones. They were being stalked and killed by there own fucking drones. An alien virus had somehow penetrated the B-28s firewalls and anti virus programs. Fucking alien viruses.

We can't stop here. This is Drone Country.

Artwork by Ben Mauro
The B-28 “Gorilla” Infantry Combat Drone
The B-28 Gorilla was designed as a scout and infantry drone by the Monolith Technology Corporation. Its gorilla shaped chassis is with a ballistics absorbing armour plating. The armour is coated with an active chameleon camouflage and stealth system making it nearly impossible to see until its too late. The Gorilla sports  retractable crampons that double as combat claws or climbing tools, allowing it climb the face of a sheer rock wall at full speed. The B-28 is armed with a variety of sensors to record and acquire targets. It features a smart CPU, that given time can learn and adapt, as well as administer self healing protocols and repair programs. While weapons can be switched out based on mission requirements, the standard weapon load-out is a gatling bead cannon that fires lithium-deuterium rounds almost frictionlessly and at an extreme velocity, as well as an anti personnel grenade launcher.

B-28 “Gorilla” Infantry Combat Drone Statistics
Armour Class: 6                            No. Appearing: 1-4
Hit Dice: 3                                     Saving Throw: 14
Attack Bonus: +6                          Movement: 30'
Damage: 1d8 claw/claw                 Morale: 12
                2d8 gatling canon
                2d8 grenade launcher  

Note: This post was partially inspired by featured amazing artwork above by Ben Mauro. The name B-28 Gorilla is also credited to him. The statistics are for use with Stars Without Number and have not been play tested. Please feel free to leave your suggestions or comments.

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