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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Babel Harpy of Marduk

Artwork by J. S. Marantz
This post is part of a series related to the Digital Dark Age, my space opera blogging project. It uses the free version of Stars Without Number as it's game engine, but is designed to be system neutral. You can learn more by searching the Digital Dark Age Index sidebar, or by searching the labels.

The Babel Harpy is found in the mountainous regions on the jungle planet of Marduk. They tend to be night time predators that hunt in packs. One Harpy will use it's song to draw attention to it and to create a distraction while the rest of the pack sneaks up, or swoops in. Generally they try too create a perimeter around their prey and then close in for the kill. Harpy eggs are something of a delicacy and are in high demand in some of the high end restaurants of the galaxy.

Babel Harpy Statistics
Armour Class: 7                  No. Appearing: 1-8
Hit Dice: 3                            Saving Throw: 15 +
Attack Bonus: +3/+3           Movement: 30' (40'when flying)
Damage: 1d4 per claw         Morale: 10
Special: Confusing Babel

Confusing Babel: Upon first hearing a Babel Harpy's song all characters within earshot make a saving throw. On a failure effected creatures are under the influence of the harpy's song. Roll 1d20 to determine the effect. Each round a new saving throw is made and if failed a new effect determined.
Roll                       Behaviour
1-5                        Act normally.
6-10                      Do nothing but babel incoherently.
11-15                    Run away in a random direction.

16-20                   Attack nearest creature.

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