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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Aerie Club

This post is part of a series related to the Digital Dark Age, my space opera blogging project. It uses the free version of Stars Without Number as it's game engine, but is designed to be system neutral. You can learn more by searching the Digital Dark Age Index sidebar, or by searching the labels.

The Aerie Club is located in a mega high rise building on the planet Pegasus, in the city of Kardiff. The club caters to the wealthy and elite. Unknown to virtually everyone is that the club is the front for a sinster secret society. Within the glamorous bars, meeting rooms, offices , and luxury suites the the Halo Society pushes forward whatever Machiavellian agenda aligns with their needs. The society was founded by a consortium of men and women who were all once members of various Chimeran special forces units. Those who have never been through the rigours of special forces training are considered outsiders and would never be privy, nor deemed trustworthy enough to what goes on during one of their board meetings. Today, far from the grunts they once were all Society members are elite. High level bankers, lawyers, politicians, CEOs and other executive business professionals. The Society uses much of their past military knowledge and connections to perform a multitude of tasks both legal and illegal in order to bolster their bank accounts, prestige and careers.

 The Society operates through a vast network of cut outs, shell corporations, and other means to protect themselves and their identities. One would find it very difficult to find any kind of evidence linking the Society to any wrong doing, and those that do tend to find themselves dead of accidental causes.  

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