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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Golden Plains of Afzhaal and Beyond

Artwork byJohn Avon

The Plains of Afzhaal

These fertile plains are the breadbasket of the City-State. Here farms dot the land. Scattered acroos this land small villages sit admits vast golden fields of wheat and fruit trees and grazing beasts of burden. The nomadic Afzhaali ride their six legged reptilian Gorlax, while they trade with the local villages and hunt wild Trinoceros and Lions. Dactyl Raiders will swoop down from the mountains to raid and quickly fly off.

Plains Encounters

Roll 1d10

1. Bloody Paw Goblins
2. Afzhaali Gorlax Rider's
3. Trinocerous
4. Wild Gorlax
5. Lions
6. Knights of Bryndor
7. Farmers
8. Legionnaire Patrol
9. Dactyl Raiders
10. Prairie Scorpions

Sites of Interest

The City-State of Kossuth (Hex 0515)

The City-State has fallen on dark times. Once a prosperous city the shadow of the Cult of Mem'Dathou has fallen over Kossuth. The young King is kept distracted by those that seek to use him and the kingdom for their own ends. Greed and corruption runs rampant and most people stay indoors at night for fear of disappearing never to be heard from again. Caravans and trade have gradually began to stop travelling to the city. The God King of Negrathia looks south towards the City-State with hunger while Bryndor looks from the south with the eyes of expansion and protecting their own kingdom from the depredations of the north.

The Town of Durnwich (Hex 0520)

The Village is about a days travel from Kossuth. The town acts as the hub for river trade in the south and the villages on the plains. Often this is the farthest north traders will travel these days as rumours of the rising evil in Kossuth spreads. Adventurers will often use the town as a launching pad for the exploration of dungeon ruins of Ghadira.

Ruins of Ghadira (Hex 0218)

The origin of this ancient ruin has been lost to time. The upper levels find themselves cleared and refilled time and time again. Adventurers and explorers come searching it for whatever treasures they can. Access to the lower levels is blocked by a strange door.

Legionnaire Outpost (Hex 0524)

This Legionnaire Outpost has been overtaken by an alien presence. A sentient black ooze lives inside the troops and officers of the post. The legionnaires body's are all that remain and acts in symbiosis with the alien intelligence. For now no ones seems to notice that anything is wrong as the aliens use the memories of their hosts. What plans they have remains to be seen.

The Star Crater (Hex 0923)

This crater was made by a meteorite that crashed her some time ago. The star metal is magical and already has been harvested by prospectors. Those who spend too much time in this area are transformed and mutated by the radiation.

The Lands Beyond

These are the lands that border the City-State of Kossuth.

The Wastelands of Negrathia

To the North is the desolate land of Nergrathia full of beastmen, Skrael barbarians, and demons. It is lorded over by powerful tyrant known as the God-King of the North. In time he plans to invade the City-State and claim it's riches for himself.

The Empire of Hykiria

To the West is the expansive and decadent land of the Hykirians that can trace its origins back to the Age of the First-Men, a time before the First Cataclysm. This Empire of Man is dominated by powerful noble houses and the Holy Church of Nabanadon.

The Kingdom of Bryndor

To the South sits Bryndor. This militaristic kingdom is controlled and dominated by a secretive order of knights. They are aggressive and expansionistic and are planning on annexing the City-State and its lands. They are aware of the Negrathia's designs on the City-State, and are in fact engineering things to encourage the country to invade. They will then offer aid, move in troops and then once entrenched take full control of the country.

The Yoshan Empire

Little is known of this Empire to the West and over the Everdusk Mountains. The Jade Emperor rules This vast Empire. It has an oriental flavour combining Chinese and Japanese traditions. 

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