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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tharzad-dul Level 1 Complete!

Artwork by Brian Leblanc
The first level of Tharzad-Dul, my mega-dungeon project is done. In a week I managed to get an entire level written. Coming in at about 4500 words. As a rough draft its not too bad. Theres still a bunch of things that I would like to fix. For one the treasures are all more than a little bland. I would also liked to have worked on some more NPCs with motivations and of course names! If I do decide to publish this one day I will defiantly go over everything with a fine tooth comb and refine stuff. It also wouldn’t hurt to play test it a little. This week coming up I'm going to take a break from the dungeon and outline some of the dungeon environs, including the city of Kossuth. After that I will focus on Level 2 of the mega-dungeon "The Farm Level". For those of you reading this I'd love to hear some of your opinions on what I've done so far and any sugggestions you might have.

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